Stephen Kachmar

Graphic Design, Artistic Direction

Stephen Kachmar, Graphic Design, is an art director/graphic designer with over three decades of professional experience. A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (formerly the York Academy of Arts), he began his career with TR&H, where he did design work for TWA, Perkins Restaurants, Peabody Hotel and Pizza Hut. In 1981, he took a senior design position with Graphic Design Associates, which specialized in marketing for the healthcare industry. Later as creative director, he led a team in producing design work for Christiana Health Care, ICI Ag Products, Pfizer Animal Health, and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. In 1997, he started his own company along with Minh Bui. He and Bui developed a virtual business model to streamline the “traditional” agency process and opened the doors of STRATEGiK Communications, which was operational until 2010. Their clients included AstraZeneca, Delaware Economic Development Office, Mercy Healthcare, Pfizer, Wilmington Trust Bank among others. Since 2010, he operates a creative consultancy and graphic design studio in East Lansing, Michigan.  He filled to the roles of graphic designer and artistic director for the award-winning documentary feature Hmong Memory at the Crossroads (2015).  His thoughtful artistic direction and vision helped bring to their fullest potential various graphics of the documentary project.

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