Kirk Mason

Editor and Post-Production Supervisor

Whether it’s surrounded by apis mellifera scutellata (africanized honeybee), Maasai herders, agronomists, or wild chimpanzees, you’ll find Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Kirk Mason and his cameras. His interests lay in harnessing visual media as an extraordinary tool for activism and awareness about social justice and environmental change. The main goal: creating documentaries and visual media about niche scientific and humanitarian topics married to compelling visual narratives that affect great change and inspire action.

Kirk is from Lansing, Michigan, and currently resides on the east side with his entomologist partner, five hens, a loving dog, two rats, a fish, a pumpkin patch, and many, many plants.  He brought his unique artistic vision as editor and post-production supervisor to bear on Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads.


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