Justin Hang

Main Cast, Second Camera Operator, Research Assistant


Born in Wausau, Wisconsin, Justin grew up in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and Fenton, Michigan.  Two very different and distinct communities that challenged my view of my Hmong heritage and also as an Asian American. I am majoring in biology and pursing a concentration in community and global health at Kalamazoo College. I also played Division 3 football at Kalamazoo College despite the challenges that come with it, as an Asian American, being the staple American sport and also a sport Hmong people have grown to love. I currently reside in Madrid, Spain where I am studying abroad at the University of Nebrija studying Spanish language and culture.

I love working with the camera as a hobby. Filming, editing, directing, producing, and acting. It’s a way for me to express myself and it has led to adventurous experiences such as my high school promposal date with Disney celebrity Allie Deberry. This project was another means that and allowed me to dive deeper into my roots and explore what it really means to be Hmong. The most rewarding thing about the whole experience was going back and really being able to see and appreciate what not only my grandparents but all of the older Hmong generations went through in order to get our people where we are at today.”


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