Joshua Hang

Main Cast, Second Camera Operator, Research Assistant


Josh Hang’s hometown of residency is Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He is currently a first-year Undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he holds the status of Chancellor’s Scholar and hopes to earn a Bachelors’ degree in Neurobiology and a potential minor in Asian Studies.

The most rewarding result for Josh about being a key participant of this project is that he was allowed to grow along side the film. The goal of this film project was to document the sense of self-identity young Hmong people perceive themselves as having. A real-life problem Josh was facing, since he was born into a Hmong family but raised in mainstream American culture. But as this film project slowly began the process of collecting the components that it would need to become a final project, Josh did the same as well, he was able to talk and think about his ideas, opinions, and fascinations about the two cultures that lived within him. Not forming a complete sense of self-identity but at least finding pieces of it. Something that he feels would be not unachievable, but difficult if it was not for this film project and the amazing team behind it. Giving him a platform to express himself. What he appreciates the most is that he was able to grow through this journey not alone, but with his brother and sister growing with him every step of the way.


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