Jin Lee

Cast, Independent Research Collaborator (France)


Being of Hmong descent, where the culture is based entirely on art, Jin Lee has been surrounded by the arts and refinement from a very young age. Impassioned by drawing since his early childhood, well-acquainted with the theater for numerous years; Jin Lee is a renowned singer (nominated to the Hmong Music Award in California in 2012). His artistic spirit expanded into Sand Drawing since 2011.

“My story is that of a thousand other children of political refugees. I knew the same problems: loss of identity, the intercultural nature of working-class neighborhoods, integration, culture shock, racism… I am also a child of this century that confronted globalization and all of its effects…”

“Today, I am 34 and at last, I know my history, and it is simply incredible. Thanks to those who have come before me, to information exchange, and to internet. My history is that of an ancient civilization, dating back to 3000 BC who has succeeded in protecting its rites and customs up to the present.  Unknown and forgotten stories, preserved in the Hmong-Miao culture across different languages, a language embroidered on our clothes, seeming to merely be insignificant signs and symbols for decoration, but it was in fact, an alphabet and a history, and a language of coded and artistic music was created, too. Because censorship has always existed, solutions were created and have lasted for millennia. This culture is intrinsically linked to art and explains why it so necessary to the survival of a people.


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