Jack Weyhrich

Second Camera Operator, Research Assistant

Jack Weyhrich is a sophomore at Michigan State University. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in French as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. This is Jack’s second year assisting Professor Safoi Babana-Hampton with her documentary film project concerning Hmong identity.  He filled the role of research assistant for the award-winning documentary feature Hmong Memory at the Crossroads (2015). For this sequel, Growing Up Hmong at the Crossroads, Jack has enjoyed serving in diverse roles from filming and interviewing to subtitling and translation. Most recently, he has served in an administrative role, communicating with research collaborators and organizing information for the film’s website. Throughout this project, Jack has not only acquired diverse new technical skills, but has also developed a greater understanding of the Hmong people and of the identities of first and second-generation immigrants in America.

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