Fu Hang

Independent Research Collaborator, Associate Producer (United States)

Fu Hang has extensive experience working in the Hmong community and non-profit arena promoting social justice and micro entrepreneurial development. Mr. Hang has worked with different immigrant groups including Hmong, Africans, and Latin Americans. He has worked in both the private and public sector the past 20 years having worked for Gannet News Services doing market development, worked for a leading community development corporation, the Neighborhood Development Center, served as Executive Director for the Asian Development Corporation, and owner of successful businesses, and others.

Mr. Hang has led and served on numerous non-profit boards of directors and committees including Hmong Academy (prior to Hmong College Prep), the Great Lakes Hmong Association in Michigan and as well as capital campaigns for Hmong Academy, Hmong American Partnership and for the Asian Pacific Cultural Center. He has a certification as an Economic Development Finance Professional and a Newspaper Association of America Minority Fellowship. Fu Hang holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Saginaw Valley State University. He currently resides in Cottage Grove, Minnesota with his wife, parents, and three children.  After filling the roles of independent community research partner for the award-winning documentary feature Hmong Memory at the Crossroads (2015), he filled the roles of associate producer, research collaborator and cast for its sequel Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads.


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