Frieda Ekotto

Humanities Without Walls Consortium Research Collaborator

Dr. Frieda Ekotto, born in Cameroon and raised in Switzerland, completed her collegiate studies in the United States, where she lives and teaches at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She teaches in the department of Comparative Literature, both Afro-American and African studies, which she has directed since 2014. She has also taught in Algeria, China, France and Italy. She is the author of two novels, four theoretical books, and numerous articles published in academic journals. Her work focuses on literary criticism, questions of race, literature and imprisonment, legal texts and literature, and the otherness of French expression in African film. She is currently preparing a book-length critical study on the visibility of the lesbian identity in Sub-Saharan Africa, Vibrancy of Silence: Women Loving Women in Sub-Sahara.

She filled the role of Research Collaborator for the documentary feature, Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads.


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