Benjamin Stora

Historical Consultant, Musée de l’histoire de l’immigration (France)


Benjamin Stora is the President of the Board of the national museum of immigration history. He is also the Inspector General of national education and has was professor of the colleges specializing in the contemporary history of the Maghreb at the University of Paris XIII and at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. Author of more than thirty works, he has written extensively on the history and sociology of independence movements in the countries of Northern Africa, the decolonization period, and the political and social life in France and Northern Africa between 1920 and 1970.

His publications include: Messali Hadj (2004); La gangrène et l’oubli, la mémoire de la guerre d’Algérie (Gangrene and the forgotten, memory of the Algerian War) (1991); Appelés en guerre d’Algérie (Called to the Algerian War) (1997); Algérie, la guerre invisible (Algeria, the invisible war) (2000); Maroc, Algérie, histoires parallèles, destins croisés (Morocco, Algeria, Parallel Histories, Intersecting Destinies) (2002); La guerre d’Algérie (The Algerian War) (dir., 2006); Les guerres sans fin. Un historien, la France et l’Algérie (The Wars Without End. A historian, France and Algeria) (Stock, 2008); Le mystère De Gaulle, son projet pour l’Algérie (The De Gualle Mystery, his plan for Algeria) (2009); François Mitterrand et la guerre d’Algérie (François Mitterand and the Algerian War) (2010); Les clés retrouvés, (The Rediscovered Keys) (2015).

Additionally, he has adapted a part of his work to film and television, notably the documentaries: Les années algériennes (The Algerian Years) (France 2, 1991); Algérie, années de cendres, (Algeria, Years of Ashes) (France 3, 1995); L’indépendance aux deux visages (Independence in Two Faces) (France 5, 2002) and Conversations avec les hommes de la révolution algérienne (Conversations with the men of the Algerian Revolution) (Chaine Histoire, 2003); François Mitterrand et la guerre d’Algérie (François Mitterand and the Algerian War) (France 2, 2010); 1954, La fin d’un monde (The End of a World) (France 5, 2014).
Finally, he was also commissioner of the exhibition La France en guerre d’Algérie (France during the Algerian War) (Musée de l’armée, 1992), and the exhibition Photographier la guerre d’Algérie (To Photograph the Algerian War), with Laurent Gervereau (Hôtel de Sully, 2004), and Les immigrés algériens (The Algerian Immigrants) , with Linda Amiri, at the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration [the National Museum of Immigration History] (2012-2013).


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